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Retail therapy box

Retail therapy box

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Escape from daily life nonsense with the retail therapy box

Need a serotonin boost? In need of a dose of cuteness and happiness? Whatever size box you choose, it is filled with animal characters that are relatable, quirky, moody or just plain adorable. Whatever they are, they are here to lift you up. To put a smile on your face, to raise your serotonin level, to help you through a rough day.

Write in the message box a little bit about yourself, what you love, your quirks, guilty pleasures of whatever you think is important!

  • What’s in the box?

Each box contains more value than the sales price. Each box is different because we will try to match the products on your message.

€25 box: at least 6 stickers and 2-3 assorted items.
Total value ~ €35
€35 box: at least 12 stickers and 4-5 assorted items.
Total value ~ €50
€55 box: at least 18 stickers and 6-7 assorted items.
Total value ~ €80
€100 box: at least 25 stickers and 8-10 assorted items.
Total value ~ €130

Products that could be in the box are (glitter)stickers, sticker sheets, washi tape, acrylic clips, bookmarks, postcards, sticky notes, lanyards, glasses cleaning cloths, notebooks, pocket notebooks, sketchbooks, reusable stickerbooks, water bottle, mug, mouse pads.

The Retail Therapy Box offers a temporary escape from daily life, because we all know life can be challenging sometimes and we all can use some serotonin boost.

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